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The news of the week in audio, brought to you by The Archaeology Channel, is compiled and written by Michelle Hilling of Archaeologica and read by Laura Pettigrew. The audio news is compiled from Archaeologica’s daily news updates. The musical interludes are original compositions by Anthony Pettigrew.


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Audio News from Archaeologica, 10 August - 16 Aug 2014

Stepped-pyramid Japanese tomb; Egyptian embalming gets much earlier; Greek tomb from Alexander’s time to be opened; two new Maya cities in the Yucatan

Audio News from Archaeologica, 3 August - 9 Aug 2014

Newly identified skeleton at Penn Museum; Etruscan well; Chinese royal tomb; new geoglyphs in Nazca Desert of Peru

Audio News from Archaeologica, 27 July - 2 Aug 2014

Ritual bones on Danish bog; wine cup of Pericles; Cahokia Mounds ritual bundle; Turkic bural site in Kazakhstan

Audio News from Archaeologica, 20 July - 26 July 2014

Celtic golden dental implant; shark-hunter temple in Peru; Egyptian religious reformation in Sudan; “Pompeii of the North” in England

Audio News from Archaeologica, 13 July - 19 July 2014

 Clovis site with rare elephant; clay tokens at Assyrian site; Egyptian Old Kingdom tomb painting; circular earthen features in Austria

Audio News from Archaeologica, 6 July - 12 July 2014

Carthaginian helmet off Sicily coast; life-sized statues in northern Iraq; ancient El Salvador burials; search for French fleet in Florida

Audio News from Archaeologica, 29 June - 5 July 2014

The Colosseum as a Medieval housing complex; pre-Inuit hunters on Hudson Bay; stunning bowl from early Medieval Holland; Peruvian desert cemetery highlights unknown culture

Audio News from Archaeologica, 22 June - 28 June 2014

Spectacular Bronze  Age burial in Georgia; talking knots unearthed in Peru; turture and massacre at Colorado site; Turkish demolitions expose amphitheater

Audio News from Archaeologica, 15 June - 21 June 2014

Rare genetic trait in  Bronze Age Siberian skeleton; northwestern Australian cave dates to at least 45,000 years; hunting gear revealed by melting Yukon ice; evidence of ancient plague in Egypt

Audio News from Archaeologica, 8 June - 14 June 2014

Maya council house in Guatemala; Celtic warrior in southwest England; Roman temple in northwest England; WWII POW camp in Scotland

Audio News from Archaeologica, 1 June - 7 June 2014

Angkor Wat wall paintings; Haida Gwaii underwater survey; early trousers in far western China; Roman temple in northern France

Audio News from Archaeologica, 25 May - 31 May 2014

Egyptian temple from reign of Ptolemy II, mold for fake Roman coins in India, vandalism at Utah rock art site, lead seal in Jerusalem from Crusader Period

Audio News from Archaeologica, 18 May - 24 May 2014

Spirit offerings in the British Virgin Islands; high-tech tools evaluate the Gallic Wars; the Spanish Conquest affected Peru’s environment; Phoenician priest statue in southern Lebanon

Audio News from Archaeologica, 11 May - 17 May 2014

Roman military camp in eastern Germany; Haiti shipwreck may be Columbia flagship; south India site shows tantric worship and Roman ties; Mexican skeleton illuminates first Americans.

Audio News from Archaeologica, 4 May - 10 May 2014

New explanations for Peruvian desert lines; tombs linked to makers of Terracotta Warriors; royal ambassador’s tomb in Egypt; Idaho site dated back to 13,500 years.