In-House Productions



Almost from its beginning, ALI has engaged in film and video production in the performance of its nonprofit mission to tell the human story.  We think the pieces we make should be informative and trustworthy, for sure, but beyond that they should be fun to watch.  Over the years we have gained lots of experience in this area and we aim to get better and better at what we do.  Here below is a list of our in-house productions, compiled by year.





TAC Festival 2006 Preview

Guy Prouty


The Texarkana Archaeology Blues

Guy Prouty






The Iraq Museum: The Loss of a Nation’s Memory

Gabe Guzman


TAC Festival 2009 Preview

Guy Prouty


Civic Stadium trailer

Teal Greyhavens






TAC Festival 2010 Preview

Guy Prouty


Thailand Tour trailer

Teal Greyhavens


Thailand Tour (complete film)

Teal Greyhavens


Our Unprotected Heritage: An Interview with Dr. Tom King (Video News from TAC, November 2010)

Faith Haney






Tour of Italy (Video News from TAC, March 2011)

Guy Prouty


The Warrior Emperor and China’s Terracotta Army (Video News from TAC, March 2011)

Andrew Princz and Ryan Spence


Donny George Tribute (Video News from TAC, April 2011)

Gabe Guzman


A Day in the Life of The Archaeology Channel - YouTube

Cliff Barnes


Malta: Land of Forgotten Temples trailer - YouTube

Teal Greyhavens


Malta: Land of Forgotten Temples (complete film) (Video News from TAC, December 2011)

Teal Greyhavens


International Film and Video Festival 2011 Highlights - YouTube

Cliff Barnes


Distribution pitch video - YouTube

Alexander Hays-Ekeland






Titanic Auction opinion piece by Rick Pettigrew (Video News from TAC, February 2012)

Alexander Hays-Ekeland


Video Interview with Dr. Mark Van Stone (Video News from TAC, June 2012)

Alexander Hays-Ekeland


Video Interview with Dr. Tom King (Video News from TAC, July 2012)

Cliff Barnes and Alexander Hays-Ekeland






TAC Festival 2013 promo video - YouTube


Video Interview with Dr. Tom Dillehay (Video News from TAC, July 2013)

Zach Twardowski


Video Interview with Sandor Lau (Video News from TAC, August 2013)

Kent Goodman


IndijiRadio Kickstarter video - YouTube

Jesse Peters and James French


Guam: The Ocean Oasis trailer - YouTube

Teal Greyhavens






Guam: The Ocean Oasis (complete film) (Video News from TAC, February 2014)

Teal Greyhavens


TAC Presents: Tehran 2013 - YouTube

Stefan Fitzpatrick


TAC International Film and Video Festival 2014 - YouTube

Tania Colgan


TAC Presents: Rovereto 2013 (Video News from TAC, May 2014)

Jesse Peters


Video News from TAC 30-second audience sizzle - YouTube

Stefan Fitzpatrick


Video News from TAC sponsor prospect sizzle

Stefan Fitzpatrick




Monthly Series


Video News from TAC (4 seasons, beginning October 2010)


Video News previews on YouTube (monthly beginning February 2011):


Video News Season 1 previews

Video News Season 2 previews

Video News Season 3 previews

Video News Season 4 previews



Strata: Protraits of Humanity (2 seasons, beginning October 2014)


Strata previews on Youtube (monthly beginning Oct 2014)


Strata Season 1 previews

Strata Season 2 previews