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Archaeology has broad educational appeal and application. Not only is it fun for students, but it also can be directly related to a variety of subjects and content standards, such as history, geography, social studies, biology, and science. Archaeology is also a critically important source of information about the human past, offering us a unique perspective on our human identity and our common heritage with people all around the world. The information directory we are creating here is intended to assist teachers in applying archaeology as an instructional tool for their students.

As you review and use these pages, YOU can assist the process of building this directory. We especially are interested in additional resources from outside North America. If you know of information resources that are not included here, if you identify errors or dead links, or have other suggestions, please tell us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This page is a work in progress! Please bear with us as we work to get it up and running.




  • Activities



    Here you will find links to activities from various archaeological based resources. These activities are taken directly from their source and their intended purpose is to be used in the classroom.



  • Field Opportunities for Teachers

    Field Opportunities for Teachers


    In this section, resources related to opportunities for educators to improve their credentials and add experience to their resume.



  • Exhibits



    In this section are resources for use in field trips to specific destinations along with worksheets, fact sheets and other activities to reinforce the educational content from the field trip.



  • Interactive



    Under this category are resources which lead directly to either an interactive website, video or other new technological interface in which the user can become engaged with the archaeological based material.



  • Lesson Plans

    Lesson Plans


    Here you will find links to websites with lesson plans for learning about Cultural Heritage and Archaeology. These lesson plans are designed directly to the source so teachers can click on the links,print them off, and use in the classroom.



  • Periodicals



    Located in this category are short articles, smaller books and other anecdotal stories about cultural heritage/archaeology based information from teachers/educators.



  • Power Point Presentations

    Power Point Presentations


    Archaeology related Power Point Presentations from various cultural heritage/archaeological organizations. NOTE-Microsoft Power Point is required to view resources. 



  • Programs



    Links to archaeologically based programs from various organizations. These programs are designed mainly for elementary to high school aged students though some are available for all ages.



  • Websites



    In this section, each link leads to webites with other links as well. This section can be defined as being the main webpage for each link.



  • Workshops



    Designed distinctly for teachers, these resources are more like teacher seminars in which professional opportunities, including re-certification and continuing education, are available. Each workshop is unique to the organization which runs it and is contingent upon the resources available at each organization.