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Your contribution will go to Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), a non-profit organization that produces The Archaeology Channel, and will be tax-deductible for those in the USA.  We will use it to maintain and develop the public service we offer through this website.


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The Archaeology Channel is a visitor-supported nonprofit public service.  Support from membership contributions is essential for continued operation of this service.  It takes real people lots of time and work to accomplish what you see on these pages.  Please help supply the funds needed to deliver the programming you want—become a Member of The Archaeology Channel.  Don’t wait for others to carry the load—step up now and make a difference!  Memberships are important to us as a steady source of revenue that pays the bills.





Because ALI is registered as a non-profit, tax-exempt (501[c][3]) organization in the US, the Membership contribution is fully tax-deductible for US citizens and residents.  However, any contribution amount, from anywhere in the world, helps us continue developing a platform for telling the human story through streaming media.


Here are some suggested categories for members of the TAC family: Child (US$18), Student (US$25), Limited or fixed income (US$20), Individual (Supporting US$45, Sustaining US$95), Organizations (Supporting US$250, Sustaining US$500), Lifetime (US$1000), and Quantum Benefactor (US$5000).


These are conceived as annual amounts, so unless you tell us otherwise, we will remind you to renew about a month ahead of your Membership anniversary date (one year from your initial contribution).





First and foremost, you will know that you have played an essential role in sharing important messages about the human cultural legacy.  As a Member of The Archaeology Channel, you will be included on the Membership roll we maintain in our office (not publicly on this Web site) and recognized as one who has stepped forward to support this innovative public service. We will not share your contact information with other organizations. Your Membership can also be obtained through your generous in-kind contribution. This may also be tax-deductible.





Becoming a supporting Member of The Archaeology Channel is easy!  In fact, you have four options:


Send us a check. Make the check out to ALI (Archaeological Legacy Institute), fill out a Member Form (PDF or Word version) and send the check with the Member Form to:


TAC Membership
Archaeological Legacy Institute
P.O. Box 5302
Eugene, OR 97405


Your contribution will arrive at our door within days.  We receive the entire amount.




Call us on the telephone at 541-345-5538 to give us your credit card information. Your contribution will make its way into our bank account within two days.  The credit card merchant bank takes a fee of about 3.3 percent, which they draw from our bank account at the end of the month.




Make your contribution on-line using Network for Good page.  On the Network for Good page that appears, click on “Donate Now” and follow the instructions that appear.  With this option, your contribution goes first to Network for Good, where they take a 3 percent fee off the top and transfer the remainder to our bank account on the 15th of the following month.




Make your contribution online via PayPal.  On the PayPal page that appears, enter your donation amount and log into your PayPal account to complete the process.  You have the option there also to use a credit card instead of a PayPal account.





After we receive your contribution and information, our volunteers record your contribution and send you an email message acknowledging your gift and expressing our gratitude.  Your name will be added to Members roster that we maintain in our office, but will not be shared with anyone outside our office.  Organizational Members also will have their names posted on our Member Organizations page.  For a whole year, you can bask in the satisfaction that comes from supporting a worthy cause!  Then, before your next anniversary date, we will remind you via email to renew.  Be sure to let us know if you change your email address!



What Will Membership Contributions Pay For?



Our Short-Term Goals and Activities:


Move into larger office space.  Even a modestly sized space (1000-1500 sq. ft.) will give us much more capacity to accomplish work and attract volunteers and supporters than our current tiny (400 sq. ft.) work area, but the expansion will cost an extra $2000/month.


Meet the costs of webcasting.  The monthly costs of video and audio streaming tend to grow as our web traffic increases.


Continued Web site development.  Upgrading this Web site is critical to maintaining its function and attracting an audience.


Bring you new programming.  We are working on an array of programming concepts going well beyond what you see today.  We also want to bring you more audio and video interviews, commentaries, and news as well as videos from others and our own video productions.


Deliver additional TAC programming through cable TV and Internet video portals.  We already are delivering Strata: Portraits of Humanity on 26 cable TV stations across the US and on the local Comcast Cable on-demand system in Oregon, Washington and the Idaho Panhandle.  With enough support, we can expand our on-demand cable territory to other regions and add new shows to our program lineup.


Work with partners, including teachers to develop and deliver school curricula through The Archaeology Channel.  We already have a robust Teacher Resources area and partner with AntiquityNOW in the development of curricula connected with Strata: Portraits of Humanity.  With sufficient financial support, we can expand the scope of these education services.


Write grant proposals to secure support for TAC development and programming.


Hire more staff to expand the quality and capacity of our work.


Send representatives to regional and national conferences to promote The Archaeology Channel and our Underwriting Program and develop partnerships that will bring you valuable programming.


Expand the inventory of TAC Marketplace, our online store, by adding more books, more videos, and other merchandise to boost ALI (revenue) from this source.


Expand our list of video offerings on Amazon Instant Video to boost ALI (revenue) from this source.


Tell us what you’d like us to do!  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Some of Our Longer-term Goals and Activities:


Make The Archaeology Channel a household word, representing for people everywhere, in every country of the world, the excitement and deep significance of the human cultural heritage.


Establish a fund for sending our Film Production Team to important discovery locations to capture footage you can see on The Archaeology Channel and on TAC programming in other venues.


Stream indigenous and ancient music through The Archaeology Channel.


Develop film and video production and distribution partnerships with other media organizations both to deliver our messages to the public and to diversify our revenue stream.



Thanks very much for your kind support!