Achilles on the Isle of Skyros



Location: Greece         Length: 6 min. 


Produced by the Spanish multimedia company, Balawat, this short animated film is the story of Achilles.  His mother, Thetis, to protect him from harm submerges him in the River Styx in order to make him invulnerable...


Acropolis, The



Location: Greece         Length: 12 min. 


The Acropolis of Athens has been a special place to people there for thousands of years. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a special place in our time for people everywhere. On its top and flanks rest monuments to some...


Adena People: Moundbuilders of Kentucky, The



Location: Kentucky         Length: 6 min. 


The ancient Adena Culture of Kentucky and surrounding states is renowned for its massive burial mounds and exquisite art works. But the lives of Adena people are shrouded in mystery because only three habitation sites have been found...


Aegean, The



Location: Turkey         Length: 7 min. 


This documentary highlights the Aegean coastal region of Anatolia in today’s southwestern Turkey. Densely settled in Classical times, this region featured some of the most important cities in the ancient world of the eastern Mediterranean...


Akha Way, The



Location: Thailand         Length: 25 min. 


The Akha Way is like a road leading back to the past where the ancestors dwell and forward into an uncertain future. For a millennium, the Akha have inhabited the hills of Southeast Asia. The Akha Way, or Akhazaunh, is their code of life...


Amphora of Eleusis, The



Location: Greece         Length: 4 min. 


The story of Odysseus and the Cyclops, told in the Iliad of Homer, has fascinated people of all ages for millennia. A funerary proto-Attic Glossary Link amphora from 650 B.C., found at Eleusis, just west of Athens, Greece, and now housed at the Archaeological Museum of Eleusis, tells the story in pictures...


Ancient Fires at Cliff Palace Pond



Location: Kentucky         Length: 11 min. 


This video documents how two sciences, archaeology and paleoecology, came together in a research project that confirmed archaeologists' ideas about the changing land use patterns of the First Americans along the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains...


Ancient Greece: Pots Tell the Story



Location: Greece         Length: 12 min. 


This film tells the story of ancient Greece in an engaging manner through hand-drawn images taken from ceramic vessels...


Ancient Hydraulis, The



Location: Greece         Length: 9.5 min. 


In 1992 Greek archaeologists recovered a fragmentary hydraulis from the 1st Century B.C. at the Greek city of Dion. Based on this example and documentary evidence, the European Cultural Centre of Delphi finished reconstructing the instrument in 1999...


Ancient Mound Builders: The Marksville State Historic Site



Location: Louisiana         Length: 15 min. 


Two thousand years ago, people in central Louisiana developed a complex culture represented today by a group of Glossary Link earthworks and mounds protected today at the site of Marksville...