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Rock Art: Messages from the Human Past

An interview with Jean Clottes


A world leader in rock art research shares his thoughts on rock art and what it communicates to us about the emergence of human consciousness.



Finding Pre-Clovis Humans in the Oregon High Desert

An interview with Dr. Dennis Jenkins


In an on-site interview, an Oregon archaeologist describes his experience recovering conclusive evidence of pre-Clovis human occupation in a group of Great Basin rockshelters.



The Looting of the Iraq Museum

An Interview with Donny George


Dr. Donny George, former Director-General of Iraqi Museums, describes the looting of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad in April 2003 and explains the significance of this loss to all of us.



Exploring Human Origins

An Interview with Dr. Louise Leakey


The third generation of the influential Leakey clan reflects on the beginnings of humanity and the relevance of this research to us all today.



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