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Dive Into History: The Shipwrecks of Biscayne National Park - Episode 2, S.S. Alicia

shipportrait web

Location: Florida     Length: 6 min.

Divers and snorkelers can tour six shipwrecks on the Maritime Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park.  In 1905, a steamer named Alicia ran aground on Long Reef.  Alicia's cargo was valued at well over one million dollars.  It included such fine items…

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Strata - June 2016


Ancient Australia; replicating Alexandria coins

The Australian landscape may look unchanged, but its fossils and cave paintings tell a hidden story. In the summer of 2009, a team of numismatists is looking to replicate bronze coinage, particularly the twin eagle piece struck in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 2nd century BC...

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Guam: The Ocean Oasis

lattes web

Location: Guam     Length: 26 min.

Separated by 1500 miles from the nearest large land mass, Guam saw the first human migrants 3500 or more years ago.  These colonists participated in the longest over-water migration in human history up to that point and became the native Chamorros of Guam…

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Building in Conflict

bristolfire web

Location: Bristol, UK      Length: 14 min.

Bristol, UK, a city more than 1000 years old, was bombed six times during World War II.  Bombing in the night of 24 November 1940 destroyed the city center.  A combination of oral history and archival footage captures the meaning of a city transformed through conflict…

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Telling Place: The Stone Mother, Pyramid Lake


Location: Nevada, USA.       Length: 6 min.

Filmed on location at Pyramid Lake, Nevada, Northern Paiute Elder Ralph Burns tells the traditional story of Stone Mother, a tufa rock formation on the east side of the lake, first in Paiute and then in English.  This is a restricted sacred site; filming was done with the permission of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe…

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Featured Audio

Audio News from Archaeologica, 12 June 2016 - 18 June 2016

Native American Georgia homestead; Belgium pollen reflects medieval diet; Irish bog butter; Chalcolithic rockshelter livestock pens in northern Spain.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, 5 June 2016 - 11 June 2016

Bronze in Alaska; new text on Antikythera Mechanism; new DNA study on Australia’s Mungo Man; satellite pics enable new Petra discovery.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, 29 May 2016 - 4 June 2016

King Tut’s meteoritic iron dagger; Maya observatory tracked Venus: writing from early Roman London; microbes made faux Greek ruins.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, 22 May 2016 - 28 May 2016

Chinese brewery 5000 years old; historical Idaho massacre located; stalagmite structure built by Neanderthals; high-altitude rock paintings in France.

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Audio News from Archaeologica, 15 May 2016 - 21 May 2016

Jewelry from jawbones in Oaxaca; Revolutionary War period discoveries in Philadelphia; merger of Egyptians and Nubians; Israel shipwreck from time of Constantine.

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