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The Archaeology Channel

International Film and Video Festival


May 9-11, 2014, Recital Hall, The Shedd Institute, Eugene, Oregon, USA

 Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!


May 12-13, 2014, U. of O. Baker Downtown Center, Eugene, Oregon USA

TAC Conference on Cultural Heritage Film



The Shedd

Three days of juried films and videos on archaeological and indigenous topics:



Friday evening, May 9

Saturday, May 10 morning, afternoon and evening

Sunday, May 11 morning and afternoon

Awards Reception Sunday evening, May 11



Film Screening Schedule



Two days of presentations on cultural heritage film:



Monday, May 12

Tuesday, May 13



Downtown Eugene Map

Hotel Information

Travel to TAC Festival via Train!



Festival Mission:


To exhibit for our audience the wonderful diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our world. To promote the genre and the makers of film and video productions about archaeology and indigenous peoples.


Films Selected for Screening Include:



Angkor Rediscovered  (France) Jean-Baptiste Gallot (ARTE France and Iliade Productions)

Building Pharaoh’s Chariot  (USA) Martin O’Collins for WGBH/NOVA and TV6

Completing the Circle  (Canada) Dan Forgues (Sound Venture Productions for Parks Canada)

Dance of the Maize God  (USA) David Lebrun (Night Fire Films)

Dancing Salmon Home  (USA) Will Doolittle (Moving Image Productions)

Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives  (USA) Thomas M. Law (Voyageur Media Group)

Discovering Dave: Spirit Captured in Clay  (USA) George Wingard and Mark Albertin (Savannah River Archaeological Research Program and Scrapbook Video Production)

Framing the Other  (Netherlands) Ilja Kok and Willem Timmers (I Camera You)

Isle of Princes  (Poland) Zdzislaw Cozac (Media Promocja)

Lost Nation: The Ioway 2  (USA) Kelly Rundle (Fourth Wall Films)

Millennial Peru  (Spain) Jose Manuel Novoa (Explora Films)

Peoples of the Ring  (France) Fred Hilgemann (EKLA Production)

Perahu With a Silent Soul  (Malaysia) Azhar Rudin (Monsoon Pictures and FINAS)

The Royal Press  (Malaysia) Pam Heng (DB Pictures SDN BHD Finas)  

Searching for the Truth  (Italy) Giorgio Serafini Prosperi (Association of Subterranean Culture)

Smokin’ Fish  (USA) Luke Griswold-Tergis and Cory Mann (Kaudli Nutz Productions)

Stori Tumbana: Ancestor’s Tales  (New Zealand) Paul Wolffram (Handmade Productions)

The Story of the Arabian Nights  (France) Bruno Ulmer and Catherine Ulmer-Lopez (13 Productions)



Keynote Speaker (Friday Evening):


Dr. Jean Clottes, leading researcher on world rock art.  More on Dr. Clottes...


Associated Activities:


Conference on Cultural Heritage Film


Other associated activities to be announced.


Ticket Prices: 


Tickets will be available at the door for sessions that are not sold out before the performance.  The seating capacity of the Recital Hall is 200.


All tickets general admission


3-day, 8-session, ticket package: $80 ($50 for mothers) before April 15;  $90 ($60 for mothers) beginning April 15
Friday, Session 1: $20 (Films plus Keynote Address)
Saturday, Session 2: $12
Saturday, Session 3: $12
Saturday, Session 4: $12
Saturday, Session 5: $12
Sunday, Session 6: $12 (mothers free)
Sunday, Session 7: $12 (mothers free)
Sunday, Session 8: $12 (mothers free)


Students (HS and under): $5 per session ticket


You can purchase tickets at The Shedd prior to the event in person or by phone (541-434-7000).  The Shedd Ticket Office is located at 868 High Street and is open M-F 9 am-6 pm and Saturday 9 am-12 pm.


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